#23 Letter for You

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dear Tuan Kesepian
In wherever you are

Hai, you! How are you? I hope you are always fine, happy, and safe and sound. Do you remember me? Haha. So stupid question. Long time no see you.
Well, I just want to say, "Thanks for everything. Thanks for being someone special in my past one year ago. Thank you ever been part of my life. Thank you ever taught about nuclear, star, love, and many more."
Thank you for gave me chance to have someone who loves me. Thank you ever take care for me for 4 months. Once again, thank you for everything you gave to me.
You know what, sometimes I miss you, miss our memories. But, time really can heals everything, even slowly I began to forget you.
You know what, several months ago, when my friends was telling that you will gradute on November, I was so excited. And make me confuse to attend your graduation or not. Ah ya, do you remember? You ever asked me to attend your sidang skripsi. And the fact was, you didn't invite me even told me.
Several days before graduation, I chatted you, but you didn’t reply even read my chat.  Next day, I was so shocked and mad you blocked my account Facebook. Why did you do that? What was my fault? Why did you do that after we already break up? Why did you do that recently?
When graduation day, I was not to come your graduation or look for you. Somehow, I didn't know why, I was looking for. I called you, but you didn't answer. Until I saw your inner circle, I still didn't see you. Honestly, I was really sad. After that, I wrote on my Tumblr and really dedicated for you:
You are neither living in the past nor the future. You are living ‘here and now’. You can’t go back to the past. You can’t turn back, fix everything for your past. Expecting that everything will be okay like used to be. You are not living in anime or drama. It’s reality. Past is past. Memories are memories, so your 'someone in the past’ is. Nowadays, he/she has his/her own live. So, let him/her enjoy him/her life. You shouldn’t distrub his/her live. He/she has his/her 'ruang sendiri’. You can’t enter to his/her 'ruang sendiri’. Don’t let yourself interfere his/her business. You just realize that he/she just give you lesson, not being your 'someone in the future’.
Well, I am so happy you have been graduated. Congratulation, congraduation for the tittle "S.T.", bachelor of engineering degree. Welcome to the jungle! I hope you never forget your dream, "Membuat energi yang murah untuk Indonesia"I hope I can catch you up, graduation on May 2017. See you on top. 


Someone in your past


  1. anak teknik 2012.

    hmmmm... who is he? anak tekfis, specially nuklir. ow ow. :3

    1. sekalinya komen gitu ya T^T kalau kukasih tau juga kayaknya mba Upik gak tau deh, wkwk :v


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